Photography for the New Century

Photography for the New Century

Accept Only the New - Clinton Holler

Accept Only the New – Clinton Holler

Test of Time: Stephen Goodman & Others

Test of Time: Stephen Goodman & Others

Antonio Marguet & Others

Antonio Marguet & Others

Spring Show: Choice

Spring Show: Choice

Choice A group exhibition. High House Gallery presents a diverse display of stimulating contemporary artworks; consistent in quality and intrigue. Featuring Alison Jackson, Dan McDermott, Hugh Mendes, Virgilio Ferreira, Barbara Muvienta, Makiko Nakamura, Giacomo Brunelli, Tom Howse and Minhong Pyo. There are varying themes and mediums deployed, in critically-engaged contemporary artwork. This exhibition will run...
Hugh Mendes - Obituaries & Other Works

Hugh Mendes – Obituaries & Other Works

  Obituaries and Other Works Hugh Mendes has been painting images of newspaper clippings for about ten years now. The medium came to prominence in his work following 9/11, the day of his MA graduation, when he showed a painting of Osama Bin Laden pointing a gun at a triumphant George Bush. It had been...
Giacomo Brunelli - Animals

Giacomo Brunelli – Animals

Animals  Brunelli’s technique involves the exploitation of light, shadow and contrast, which imbue his images with a dramatic atmosphere and an unsettling feeling of perturbation. Brunelli appropriates the concepts, the approach, the philosophy of various juxtaposing photographic styles and applies them to the animals he encounters, calling it ‘animal focused street photography’. Brunelli often takes...
Alessandro Roma - Solo Exhibition

Alessandro Roma – Solo Exhibition

Solo Exhibition  Inspired by imaginary journeys, Alessandro Roma depicts kaleidoscopically fragmented landscapes, unpopulated interiors, and still lifes that seem to the defy traditional confines of space of time. The artist’s works encompass visions that capture a balance between atmospheres of harmony and entropy, which are depicted through a carefully connected variety of mediums, perspectives and...
The Griffin Art Prize 2013 Exhibition

The Griffin Art Prize 2013 Exhibition

An Exhibition of the Winning and Shortlisted Artists The winners of the 2013 Griffin Art Prize, announced at a Prize ceremony on November the 6th, are Luke George & Elizabeth Rose. George & Rose emerged as winners from a shortlist that included ten emerging artists with ten different views of the world. They have been...
Virgilio Ferreira - Uncanny Places

Virgilio Ferreira – Uncanny Places

A Solo Exhibition.   Portuguese artist Virgilio Ferreira deals with the uncanny and intangible. His light-as-a-feather photography weaves in and out of focus, playing with perception and sight. Looking to capture impressions that are vague or intangible, he includes notions of social and everyday life. Creatively exploring the analogue photographic process Ferreira attempts to deny...
Dan McDermott - The Lumière Project

Dan McDermott – The Lumière Project

McDermott is a painter of the overlooked. The painter’s extensive body of work is drawn from an expanding archive of images, frozen frames from film and television, emotionally resonant from their entrapment within the decades in which they were born and forgotten. The resulting image often seems familiar but its references are evasive, creating a...
Andrew Leventis

Andrew Leventis

A Solo Exhibition.   Andrew Leventis works on the a blurred boundary between the genres of still life and portraiture. At a certain point still life becomes portraiture, as objects become symbolic portraits and people become illustrated possessions. This kind of ‘still-life portraiture’ seems contradictory in that it equates people with objects, yet it also...
Other Places: Bull, Howse & Boyd @ The Old Fire Station

Other Places: Bull, Howse & Boyd @ The Old Fire Station

High House @ The Old Fire Station Oxford.  Three dynamic young painters – Gabriella Boyd, Tom Howse and Lindsey Bull – come together for a group exhibition that takes us in to a realm of ‘other’ places. Figures and scenes drift between the real and unreal, playful and disturbing or everyday and fantastic. Howse’s highly...
On the Perimeter: The Edge of Photography

On the Perimeter: The Edge of Photography

“Out here on the perimeter there are no stars, out here we are stoned, immaculate” Jim Morrison. A Curated Group Photographic Exhibition featuring Mariah Robertson, Eiko Soga, Jess Littlewood, Emma Critchley, Tommy Taylor, Giacomo Brunelli, Gavin Mitchell, Minhong Pyo and Virgilio Ferrera The words from Jim Morrison’s poem, later a Doors song, refer to a...
Objectify - A Garden Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture

Objectify – A Garden Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture

Marguerite Horner - Being from the Inside

Marguerite Horner – Being from the Inside

A  Solo Exhibition.   Precisely because painting does not ‘copy’ things but presents them immediately and bodily … so that we seem to be present at the fission of  ‘Being from the inside’ … painting gives a true sense of the internal animation of the world and what it means to see  Merleau Ponty      ...
Lindsey Bull - In Disguise

Lindsey Bull – In Disguise

A  Solo Exhibition  Lindsey Bull’s third solo exhibition brings together an impressive series of delicate small-scale paintings which address notions of disguise and transformation. These works investigate a push and pull between the seen and the hidden. The figures presented are often masked, hooded or in some way concealed, enacting undefined movements; fragments of performative...
Tom Howse

Tom Howse

A  Solo Exhibition  Tom Howse’s paintings are a mythological investigation into the sources of understanding and the quests we take to comprehend. He sees a distinct gulf between the world’s knowledge and his own understanding – the paintings being products of absurd and inadequate attempts to make sense of the world. Howse monumentalises figures or objects...
Gabriella Boyd - Strong Necks

Gabriella Boyd – Strong Necks

A  Solo Exhibition  Gabriella Boyd, a recent graduate from Glasgow School of Art is an exciting young artist presenting her first solo show, Strong Necks. Boyd’s enigmatic works are full of mystery and her paintings are bright, bold and colourful but they also stand between being light and playful or something more disturbing. Melancholic or...


An Exhibition of contemporary portrait photography Featuring Jonny Briggs, Virgilio Ferreira, Minhong Pyo, Ryan McGinley, John Stezaker, Matt Lipps and Anne Collier. This exhibition brings together a selection of exciting and award-winning contemporary photographic artists. They all work with the human body but these are far from conventional portraits. The bodies here are are now perhaps...
Curated Group Show - Reality Check

Curated Group Show – Reality Check

A Pop Up Exhibition at 44AD Gallery Bath. Featuring Jonny Briggs, Aneta Grzeszykowska, Minhong Pyo, Julie Cockburn, Noemie Goudal, Alison Jackson, Jo Metson Scott (with Nicola Yeoman), John Stezaker, kennardphillips and Anne Collier. This exhibition brings together a selection of exciting and award-winning contemporary artists who distort the world on the other side of the lens...
Winter Break

Winter Break

High House Gallery and Sculpture Garden will be closed for a winter break after the end of RE/VISION on the 18 November 2012. We will announce the first exhibitions of our 2013 programme in the New Year. Please check our website or sign up to receive updates at the top right of the page. We...
Minhong Pyo - RE/VISION

Minhong Pyo – RE/VISION

A solo exhibition by Minhong Pyo Minhong Pyo examines truth and memory, whilst questioning our perception of reality, by looking at representation in photography. Examining the interface between the real and imaginary Pyo both constructs his own worlds which he then photographs or he takes enigmatic photographs of the real world. All images are then...
Tim Phillips & Jonathan Baldock - Imagined Pasts / Unknown Futures

Tim Phillips & Jonathan Baldock – Imagined Pasts / Unknown Futures

Tim Phillips, Jonathan Baldock & Paul McDevitt    Haunting characters of rural folklore. Occult imagery and ritual devotion. Transmogrifications of anonymous culture. Theatrical facades of glorified Gods. Illusory grandeur and assumed opulence. All this and more as three visionary artists examine representation, power and mythology. Each exhibited artist makes theatrical hybrid works that fuse conventional modes...
Curated Group Show - Dividing Line

Curated Group Show – Dividing Line

A dividing line stands as a conceptual separation or distinction, a line from which contrasts can be observed and old ideas re-examined. This exhibition aims to spotlight contemporary outdoor sculpture that has escaped the tradition of re-regurgitating stale figurative and modernist modes. Whilst it is possible to site examples of contemporary outdoor sculpture within the...
Curated Group Show - The Momentarily Absurd

Curated Group Show – The Momentarily Absurd

Humour in Contemporary Art A group exhibition that looks at wit in contemporary art featuring Doyle & Mallinson, Peter Kennard, Littlewhitehead, John Stezaker, Julie Cockburn, Harry Hill and others. If you’re going to tell people the truth, be funny or they’ll kill you. (Billy Wilder) A joke cannot exist in isolation; it needs to be...