Jo Metson Scott

“And Then …” is a collaborative project between photographer Jo Metson Scott and artist Nicola Yeoman. Beginning in 2006 with a displaced Pirate ship crashing through the woodland there developed an ongoing series with etherial photographs depicting mystical and beautiful worlds in woodland landscapes.

Exploring notions of childlike fantasies, escapism and Neverland make-believe worlds the images capture elaborate dens and temporary spaces which exist for only a small time, using a few props, found items or the fauna around the locale. Containing open ended narratives, “And Then …” leaves leaves room for the viewer’s imagination or interpretation. Dealing with displacement and the incongruous the outcome can be as innocent or as macabre as wished.

Whether with sea-faring ships sailing through woodland or driverless Horse drawn carriages charging through an open field – appearing ghostly through a supernatural fog – the landscapes themselves are as important as the structures. A fallen branch within the woods can take on the role as the bow of a ship, or the wing of a plane. It is the shapes created in nature that feed this project.