Ryan McGinley

Ryan McGinley’s ‘snapshots’ have been evolving steadily since his guerilla show at 420 West Broadway in 2000. In the intervening years he has moved away from an artistic practice that was the soul of casual and towards an elaborated production schedule that raises the ante on ‘being there.’ McGinley has gone from being perceived as the hottest young photographer in town to being considered a serious artist with a rare gift for creating enduring color photographs — photographs that show us the best of youth.

Frequently lauded for capturing the essence of a generation, Ryan McGinley’s extraordinary images in fact do something more subtle and deft. Seamless and irony-free, they have created the myth of a generation for whom freedom and possibility consistently trump disillusion and doubt. Flesh may be temporarily bruised, but psyches remain unscarred.

In McGinley’s world, the laws of gravity scarcely apply – his work blurs the lines separating private and public, nature and studio, staged and documentary. Fantastic and ebullient, McGinley’s work enjoys an unusually widespread appeal among art world insiders and lay-fans alike.