Tommy Taylor

An artists statement. Identity and Meaning in The Digital Age.

It’s choice, chance, and personal myth I use to see this distinct identity through art. First, I gather and filter through hundreds and sometimes thousands of personal images, which form a theme from relationships, family, or travel. After the filtering I make formal decisions on color, figural positions, or arrangements of a space that seem important to me. From there, depending on the body of work, I might put my imagery through additional processes. I might collage them, scan the best collages, or even screen print them on fabric to mount as a ‘finished’ work. I consider all two dimensional forms as potential source material in my work.

With the Yourself/Myself series the end result is typically a disturbing but sincere human scaled abstract figure centrally arranged by using different materials and processes. The editing evidence kept and carried on throughout the process ranges from careless to obsessive. This slows down how the work is experienced and can embody or critique the expressive gesture.

With my personal experience as a catalyst, art is more about the unique experience and our ongoing relationship with the world.