Virgilio Ferreira

Virgilio Ferreira looks to capture impressions that are vague or intangible, but that include notions of social and everyday life. He attempts to do this by exploring the analogue photographic process creatively, in order to deny any fixed reality and the vision that the camera offers. At the same time, aesthetically, the images may have similarities with qualities of painting or drawing.

By articulating many tools and elements at the same time during capture he is deliberately using a process which is difficult to control. The central elements in Ferreira’s work are experimenting with focus – or the lack of it, multiple layers, obstructions, appearances and disappearances as well as liquid colours. This is all to explore the representativity of the invisible and create atmospheres with subjective impact on reception, pushing the boundaries of photography and challenging the nature of perception. Ultimately the result of his work is imaginary, but with elements collected from the real.