Makiko Nakamura

Japanese-born, Makiko Nakamura is an abstract painter with an international reputation, Nakamura left her homeland, working firstly in Paris, and then the US, followed by Dublin, due to her admiration for Samuel Beckett. 

Qualities of repetition and meditative processes are practiced through a relentless application and erasure of grid-like structures, the paintings are instantly distinguishable, with a high gloss, reflective surface. Each painting shares this distinct identity, yet alternating in aesthetics, each with it’s own specific history through mark-making. Nakamura’s paintings are the outcome of a highly refined technique, they are intense and skilful process based paintings.

Nakamura states “in my paintings I repeat the act of painting and erasing. Always thinking about the relationship between something being erased and the idea or the actual experience of disappearing. In the experience of disappearing something is always lost. Perhaps the idea of being and non-being is not far apart in my work.”