Curated Group Show – Dividing Line

14 July to 28 October 2012

A dividing line stands as a conceptual separation or distinction, a line from which contrasts can be observed and old ideas re-examined. This exhibition aims to spotlight contemporary outdoor sculpture that has escaped the tradition of re-regurgitating stale figurative and modernist modes. Whilst it is possible to site examples of contemporary outdoor sculpture within the public realm, the private market still trends towards more historically established styles. This can be explained by the need to secure patronage to support the production of highly durable work.

Shunning these expectations has allowed the exhibiting artists to create outdoor sculpture that embodies truly contemporary themes, materials, production and ideas. Many of the participating artists are primarily known for their indoor works; and in some cases this exhibition presents their first foray into outdoor sculpture. Combining technological advances with today’s expanded understanding of art has allowed the artists to introduce materials in new ways.

Located in the grounds of High House – an imposing Victorian property dating from 1856 – the sculptures will sit in direct contrast to the formal gardens. The exhibition is curated by Sumarria Lunn Gallery in association with High House.