Giacomo Brunelli – Animals

Angry Duck

Brunelli’s technique involves the exploitation of light, shadow and contrast, which imbue his images with a dramatic atmosphere and an unsettling feeling of perturbation. Brunelli appropriates the concepts, the approach, the philosophy of various juxtaposing photographic styles and applies them to the animals he encounters, calling it ‘animal focused street photography’.

Brunelli often takes his photographs during daily early morning walks, and working discreetly, Brunelli often uses a removable viewfinder, to be able to photograph his subjects from waist height and other unusual angles, such as directly from behind and with extreme close-up. He exploits light, shadow and contrast to imbue his images with a dramatic atmosphere and a feeling of claustrophobia.

Working entirely in analogue format Brunelli shoots his photographs with a 1960s Miranda Sensomat 35mm camera, given to him by his father, and meticulously hand prints his photographs in limited editions.

Recently Brunelli has also had a solo exhibition at The Photographers Gallery – Eternal London – where he uses his distinct film-noir style to create a unique and evocative view of the capital and its famous landmarks.

This exhibition will run from 19 June through to 21 August 2016, at High House Gallery.