Andrew Leventis

Andrew Leventis works on the a blurred boundary between the genres of still life and portraiture. At a certain point still life becomes portraiture, as objects become symbolic portraits and people become illustrated possessions. This kind of ‘still-life portraiture’ seems contradictory in that it equates people with objects, yet it also gives value to the individual.

Rendering still lifes from snaps of period dramas played out on film and television Leventis is concerned with the tension that is created between the painted and technological image. Looking through the filter of the digital screen he reflects how contemporary TV borrows configurations from painting, whilst himself borrowing back from the cinematic designs of contemporary television.

His work provides a familiarisation and empathy with the televised subject, a feeling that he equates with the contemporary affinity to mass media images. It is further enhanced by the human touch provided by the physical act of the painting process.