Lindsey Bull

Lindsey Bull explores perceptions of reality and illusion, investigating fragmentary instances where the real merges with the fantastical. She explores a history of practices that shift the everyday into realms of spiritual, ritualistic or psychedelic perception. Drawing upon a lexicon of imagery from books on witchcraft and cults, to silent film stills and occult magazines, her paintings often depict figures enveloped by spaces that feel simultaneously familiar and unreal; the known world slips away as the space surrounding the figure slides into an abstract and undulating form that serves to reference the figure’s alternated state of perception.

The figures presented are often masked, hooded or concealed in some form, enacting undefined movements; fragments of performative action that merge into patterned forms and a rhythm of brush strokes.  Bull’s paintings exist in a state of uncertainty where the outlines of a figure, movement or action become submerged into the darkness that surrounds them, resulting in inconclusive and fragmentary images that rest between the seen and the hidden.