Stephen Goodman

Stephen Goodman’s practice deals with the power and progression of time; his paintings often take weeks or months to form an identity. Although defined by time, Goodman’s paintings are an outcome of an open ended process, and hold a significant affiliation with the seismic occurrences that occur on our planet. Under his authority as creator, time, gravity, instability and chance bring the formlessness of fluids in to a state of coagulation and their eventual arrangement is realised through the drying process. Goodman has a particular admiration for the spectacular otherworldliness and unpredictability of the Icelandic landscape. For Goodman, his practice is a way for him to be connected with this in some respect; is it to practice a forged involvement with something that is otherwise somewhat unattainable.

A fascination with progressive and unstoppable powers, and an interplay between chance and control is evident in his artwork, as he continually engages with and manipulate it, as an aid for creation. Time is something that we may often wish we could control or gain, we are unable to control time, but Goodman’s practice strives to embrace this lack of control and relish in the offering of progression and the unknown.