Photography for the New Century

04 July - 18 August 2019

In the early 19th century the invention of photography that flowed from the scientific and industrial revolution cemented the final break with the medieval iconography of saints and cherubs. In a similar way the current demise of the industrial age is a certain end for the spectacle of representation. The question is, what becomes of photography when the power shifts from the optical nerve to the fibre-optic cable?

Photography mainly concerns itself with representations of objects in space and was in danger of losing its relevance in a world in which speed, acceleration, distribution and self-replication acquire a significance that overshadows the visual appearance of spaces. In an era when everything is ‘always on’ and ‘everywhere at the same time’, photography is the visual figuration of a new layer of consciousness – in which new relationships to space and time, and therefore new categories of thought, play, art, and agency are emerging.

21st Century photography is therefore no longer the representation of the world, but the exploration of the practices that shape this world and the inquiry into what makes something an image.

HH has selected some of the photographers who are most engaged with this new area of image making and represent the brightest future for photography in the new era.

Amongst artists included in this group show are Clinton Holler, Mariah Robertson, Tommy Taylor,  Anne Collier, Aneta Grzeszykowska, Minhong Pyo, Matt Lipps  and Antonio Marguet.

Exhibition runs from 04 July – 18 August 2019 / Thursday – Sunday 11am – 5pm

Champagne View:  Thursday 03 July 2019 / 3 – 6 pm